Paca Buddies


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If you can’t have a real alpaca, this is the next best thing! These plush alpacas are absolutely adorable! Approximately 10 inches tall, they are extremely soft and cuddly. A must for any alpaca lover!

“Violet” has a violet bow and deep brown eyes.

“Midnight” is as black as midnight.

“Cinnamon” is light brown with the “Suri-style” longer hair.

“Sugar” is white with the “Suri-style” longer hair.

“Fluff” is cream colored.

“Jax” is a rich brown color.

“Christine” wears a Santa hat and scarf.

All of the Paca Buddies are herding up and ready to head to your place!  Place your order before they’re all gone!

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Violet, Midnight, Cinnamon, Sugar, Fluff, Christine, Blu, Pinky, Jax