Farm Counseling

We want you to be confident and successful. At Shootin’ Stars Farm we believe that hands-on training is the best way to learn to take care of your alpacas. We invite you to contact us to learn how easy it is to care for these charming animals.

We want to assist you in your alpaca adventure. We want you to be comfortable and confident in your ability to take care of your alpacas.  We are willing to mentor you and assist in your decision making process.  We invite you to visit our farm to learn first-hand how to care for these wonderful creatures.

We are just a phone call away from you learning such things as:

  • Haltering and halter training
  • Giving shots
  • Toe nails trimming
  • Tooth trimming
  • Fleece skirting and showing
  • Fiber processing
  • Equipment needed
  • Show assistance
  • Barn layout and design
  • Fencing considerations
  • Pasture rotation
  • And many other activities

Shootin’ Stars Farm offers several classes a year to help you learn what to do with the fiber your alpaca creates.  These classes are a great opportunity to network with other fiber enthusiast and potentially meet other alpaca owners.

Shootin’ Stars Farm can provide you with individualized attention to maximize the return on your investment in these endearing animals.  For us, alpacas have proven to be fun and profitable.   We suggest that you consult your tax advisor on how this type of business can best benefit you.  Income from the sale of fiber and products, animal sales, agisting fees, breeding income, and tax advantages add to the attraction of raising alpacas.  As an added bonus, you will have a lovable, huggable investment that will continue to provide you with even more assets(fiber and crias).