Alpaca Boarding

Quality Care for your Quality Alpacas

Owning alpacas can be easy, even if you do not own land or just do not have the facilities ready for them right now. Shootin’ Stars Farm Suri Alpacas can assist you in reaching your dreams. We offer reasonably priced boarding for your animals with the same great care and love we give our own alpacas. Your alpacas can have a “home away from home” on our farm. With daily interaction, we will take care of your single alpaca or your entire herd.

We give quality care by providing:

  • Safe and secure facility
  • Quality health care
  • Responsible and knowledgeable caretakers
  • Clean shelter
  • Top-quality pasture, hay and feed
  • Local veterinarians knowledgeable in camelid care
  • Opportunities for you to learn basic care for your alpacas

Terms and pricing:

  • $3.25 per day per alpaca, $2.75 per day per alpaca if purchased from Shootin’ Stars Farm
  • Routine medication and yearly vaccinations included in boarding fees
  • Additional fees for shearing and non-routine health care
  • Detailed medical, breeding and husbandry reports available

Additional Information

At Shootin’ Stars Farm Suri Alpacas, agistment (boarding) is a wonderful way to enjoy your adventure in alpaca ownership. It gives you time to learn to care for your alpacas in a safe and supportive environment. If land ownership is not an option or daily care of your alpacas does not fit into your lifestyle, agisting is a beneficial solution. Boarding your animals allows you the pleasure of owning alpacas, with all the tax advantages, too.

We are located in north central Indiana, between Fort Wayne and Chicago, just north of US30. With a quick phone call, owners are always welcomed to visit. You can assist in the care of your alpacas as much or as little as you want. We strive to make your visit fun and educational.