Alpaca Sales

At Shootin’ Stars Farm Suri Alpacas, we have many alpacas for sale in a variety of colors. We have award-winning, breeding stock, and pet quality alpacas, whatever type that fits your desires.

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You can choose your alpaca from our small, but select herd. Each alpaca is individually handled and cared for on a daily basis. This daily contact helps to make our alpacas calmer and easier to handle. We offer our alpacas different stimuli regularly to make them more accustomed to various different environments and to offer them some variety in their lives.

We greatly value winning ribbons and banners at alpaca shows, but we realize that that is only one way to evaluate our alpacas. At Shootin’ Stars Farm Suri Alpacas, we breed our alpacas for many assets. We endeavor to have alpacas that are healthy, exhibit consistency in quality and have an appropriate size. We also strive for alpacas that have consistency in fleece and that are reproductively sound. We believe that quality animals are the key to success in the future of our farm and the alpaca industry as a whole.

We appreciate the opportunity to share with you our success in the show ring and in our breeding program. If personal assistance in your alpaca endeavor is what you want, we can deliver. Breeding for the best alpacas of tomorrow is our goal. Individual help today is our resolution.