Alpaca Sales

We have many alpacas for sale in a variety of colors. We have award-winning, breeding stock, and pet quality alpacas, whatever type fits your desires.

Alpaca Boarding

Even if you don’t own land, or have the facilities ready, you can have your own alpacas – just let us take care of them!

Stud Services

Every year, the quality of alpacas continues to improve. We’re excited to contribute to the cause and help you achieve maximum results for your herd.

Animal Care

We offer a comprehensive range of animal care services to keep your alpacas happy and healthy.

Farm Counseling

We want you to be confident and successful, and believe that hands-on training is the best way to learn. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to setup and care for your animals.

Show Assistance

We can assist you in choosing shows, getting veterinary inspection papers, going through vet check and color check, how to get into the ring, and what to do and not to do while in the ring.

Shearing Services

It’s best to shear alpacas yearly, and we can do this for you. We’ve been trained in the Maximum Harvest method of shearing.  This technique treats the animals in the most humane way we ever saw used in shearing.

Fiber Art Classes

We host several classes per year, so you can explore your creative side and learn how to get the most out of your own alpaca fiber.

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AKC Registered Labrador puppies. Due April 3, 2018. $1,000