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Want to raise alpacas? We’ll help you get started.

We are dedicated to creating “star” alpacas – quality alpacas that win in the show ring and in your heart! With over twelve color championships won and more than 30 first-place ribbons under our belts, we have the knowledge and resources to help you get started with champions of your own.

Our family farm is located in Northern Indiana where the night sky is still dark enough to show the evening stars as they often shoot across the sky.

We chose to raise Suri alpacas because they are more rare than Huacayas, which adds to their value. We loved the way the wind floated through the Suri fiber, causing it to gently sway in the breeze.

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brochure-coverDownload our Beginner’s Guide to Alpacas, which covers:

  • » The differences between suris and huacaya alpacas
  • » Food, water, and shelter requirements
  • » Facts about Spitting!
  • » How to speak alpaca
  • » Breeding 101
  • » Health & wellness tips
  • » Financial benefits of alpaca fiber


About Our Farm

Our farm is located in Northern Indiana, just 40 minutes northwest of Fort Wayne and close enough to Indianapolis and Chicago for a day trip. We are easy to get to, and we invite you to call and visit. We love to watch people mingle with the alpacas and to share our joy of alpaca ownership.

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Why Suri Alpacas?

Suri alpacas are rare, making up only about 10% of the worldwide alpaca population, which adds to their value. The wool, or “fiber” as it is called, has a slick handle and natural luster. This quality makes Suri products drapey and flowing. The annual shearing provides 5 to 10 pounds of fiber. Suri fiber is a smooth, cool fiber that does NOT contain lanolin, unlike sheep wool. The appearance of the long flowing locks as the Suri alpaca runs through the pasture is a sight to behold!

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